Our Core Beliefs…

  • Donors and beneficiaries expect good stewardship of institutional assets.
  • Foundation, Endowment and Nonprofit executives and board members have a fiduciary responsibility to exercise “care” and “loyalty” in making investment decisions.
  • That responsibility means that these individuals must pursue information and analysis that is independent, timely and objective.
  • Well informed Fiduciaries tend to make better investment decisions.
  • Sharing experiences, practices and outcomes with peers, together with ongoing education, strengthens investment decision-making.
  • Informed leadership, sound governance, comprehensive policy and consistent process are the key building blocks to an effective institutional investment program.

Our Team

Larry D. Coats, Jr.

President and CEO

Debbie R. Fox

Finance Manager

Libby George

Member Consultant

Elizabeth Cabell Jennings

Member Consultant

Julie McGlothlin

Member Services Coordinator

John R. Rogers, III

Member Consultant

Christine Turner

Research Associate