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ClearView Completes First Annual Study of Investment Policy Statements

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ClearView Fiduciary Alliance has issued its annual Investment Policy Statement Summary Review. The Review is a compilation of key components of the Investment Policy Statements of the Alliance member organizations and is based on research and analysis completed by Larry D. Coats, CEO of ClearView by KDI, LLC. In reviewing the IPSs of Alliance Member organizations, the report addresses several questions critical to investment fiduciaries including:

  • What Investment Return Objectives are most commonly specified?
  • What are the most common Risk Metrics/Measurements Referenced?
  • What Investment Horizons are stipulated?
  • What are the Stated Spending Policies?
  • What are the Stated Re-Balancing Policies?
  • Who has authority/responsibility of implementing various components of the IPS?
  • What are the targets and ranges of the Member asset allocation policies?
  • How much latitude do the IPS asset allocations allow within major asset classes and relative to the size of the asset class allocation itself?

Results of the Review are highly confidential and offered exclusively as a service of ClearView for the members of the ClearView Fiduciary Alliance.